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A Doc Tow Customer’s Testimony

Greg H. from San Diego sends us the following letter, after a long distance tow we performed on his car last month:

“I would like to thank Doc Tow for a job well done. I wish to commend the excellent, friendly and reassuring experience I received from the entire Doc Tow staff.

I do not usually send this kind of letters but praise is certainly due. I was reluctant to call a towing company after a previous experience I had with a different towing company, but after this experience I know that my mistake was not contacting a licensed company initially.

I have previously used a friend of a friend’s towing company, which is not a certified towing company. My car had what I later discovered to be a faulty oil gasket – an inexpensive repair at any garage. Yet the tow itself has caused me insurmountable trouble and a great deal of expense.

The truck which was used to tow my car was a beat down old tow truck, which was not suitable for the type of car I was driving. The truck’s operator was quick to dismiss my concerns and had attached a small hook to the rear end of my car and had begun towing it, with its front end situated extremely close to the ground. When arriving later to the garage to which my car had been towed, I noticed many dents and scratches to the front of the car, from repeatedly hitting the road no doubt. The price for fixing these was over a thousand dollars.

Since the towing company was not certified, no insurance to my car was activated, and I was left to pay the entire amount. The oil gasket, by the way, cost a mere 30 dollars.

I have been reluctant to call a towing company when my car broke down again on the highway. I searched for a certified and licensed company this time and found your company through several web recommendations.

I am happy that I called you. This time, the representative had asked me questions regarding my car and sent a professional tow truck. The service person arrived extremely fast and was very friendly. My car, which was insured throughout, was towed to my satisfaction without a scratch. I wish to thank you deeply. Greg.”