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Be Aware of Unlicensed Towing Companies! Why? read my story.

It is probably quite apparent to you too that it is essential that towing jobs be handled professionally. It is obvious that unprofessional towing may result not only in further damage being inflicted on your vehicle but that there is a real danger of bodily harm to anyone in the vicinity of the tow truck while your vehicle (of whatever type it may be) is being loaded or unloaded.

I too was aware of all of this but did not realize how important it is to make certain the towing company I call in for assistance is a licensed one, I just thought that I could tell if the tow tech is proficient enough by seeing how they operate. As it turns out I was wrong and once things started to go wrong they just got more and more complicated. Let me tell you, very briefly, what happened so that you can decide for yourself if the next time you need a tow you should only call in a licensed company.

How it Began

It all began when my son, a careful but inexperienced driver, got into a relatively not so severe car crash, no one was injured but our car could not be driven away and had to be towed.
You can imagine that we were quite distraught and so just dialed the first towing company the phone number of which we came across. As it turned out it was an unlicensed company.

They said they will be right over but it took them over an hour and half. When they finally came they said they do not have the necessary gear and that we should have told them that the car was involved in a crash (we did tell them). We had to wait until someone came by with an extra chain or some other thing they needed.

While attaching the car to the truck they damaged it further, the other driver’s insurance company would not pay (and rightfully so) for fixing the damage the towing company had done, as an unlicensed company the towing company itself was not insured, we ended up having to cover the extra repair costs ourselves.

All in all it was a rough ride from beginning to end, one which we could have easily avoided if we had just called in a more professional, fully licensed towing company.