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DocTow – Clients Testimonials

I’ve known some bad days in my life, but none as bad as the one I’ve had last October. It started as any day, until I got to my car, only to find out I’ve had a flat, bummer. What’s worse, when I tried to start over the engine in order to use my car phone and call some professional assistance, the engine wouldn’t turn! I couldn’t believe it. Finally, I used a neighbor’s phone to call DocTow, which he recommended. I was preparing myself to a day fully lost and for nerves fully frayed. However, before I could indulge myself with self pity, and quite amazingly I have to add, DocTow’s towing truck showed up. Never had I seen such professionalism and quick work. With skill, unwavering confidence, and a quick smile, they got my car up and running in no time. Thanks DocTow for saving me both time and agony!

S. J. Miller, San-Diego

There’s nothing worse than having your car slowing down and finally coming to a full stop on a deserted road on a dark, starless night. That’s exactly what happened to me. Luckily, I’ve had DocTow’s number on my phone. As soon as I placed the call it was answered. Within 19 minutes (and I know the exact time it took them to get there because I had nothing better to do at the time than keep track of time…) one of their tow trucks had come to the rescue, its headlights shining like some beacon of hope through the darkness. Within the next 10 minutes my car was fully fueled and geared up for the return drive. The whole ordeal lasted less than 30 minutes, and for that I have only DocTow to thank! So, thanks!

Jamey L.