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Doctow Dolly Towing in San Diego

On the occasion that your car breaks down, what do you do? Who do you call for towing? Some will opt for AAA or their car insurance company, but we’re here to offer a better suggestion. You can receive quick and easy dolly towing San Diego with Doctow. Our company is located right here and each of our technicians knows the area extremely well, which guarantees that we’ll get to you right away so that your time is not wasted having to wait around for help. Doctow provides towing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a guaranteed 30 minute response time. You can’t beat that when waiting for a tow truck.

How Dolly Towing Works

Here’s how San Diego dolly towing works. The tow truck has a dolly on it, which is a mechanism situated right between either the two front or two back wheels of the truck. This mechanism hooks to your car and raises your stationary vehicle up from off of the ground via two wheels so that it’s up at an angle with the other wheels still on the ground. With those two wheels lifted, your car can be towed wherever it needs to go. It’s a huge advantage for someone interested in a tow but wanting to save a little money because it’s far easier and more efficient to do dolly towing than flatbed towing or another method. It is also a method that makes towing a little bit easier in case your car is in a difficult-to-reach spot such as being parallel parked on an uphill street in downtown San Diego.

Unfortunately, dolly towing is not always the best method despite its agility and affordability. It does not work well for heavier vehicles because they are less secure, which means that trucks or SUVs may be less safe. Additionally, no matter what kind of vehicle is being towed, it will still have two wheels on the ground. This puts uneven pressure on those wheels that may make little to no difference if towing a short distance but will make a big difference if towing long distance. Still, it is an excellent method that we employ for most short distance towing needs.

When you call Doctow for San Diego dolly towing, you’ll be helped by a company dedicated to customer service with 24/7 availability and competitive rates. Give us the opportunity to help you and learn quickly that you’ll never need another tow company again.