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Light Duty Towing Experts

It would probably be fair to assume that Murphy had had a driving license. How else could you explain all the car trouble that is going around? Car keys get lost, cars get stuck, and they break down, malfunction, and suffer any number of mechanical difficulties. In other words, they find any possible reason for you to decide to call a professional light duty towing company. As tempting as it may seem to simply go ahead and tow the car all by yourself, with the help of a willing friend or neighbor, it is far more advisable to use expert service providers, even for light duty towing tasks.

Light weight towing – how is it done?

When you find yourself in a jam, it is probably high time to call in the pros. Only certified, licensed, and trained service providers, such as the technicians of Doctow, will know which solution best fits your current ordeal. Only such experts will know how to deliver this solution in the most professional, quick, and safe manner. When it comes to light duty towing there are several adequate available solutions out there. While dolly towing may fit certain circumstances, flatbed towing would be preferable in others, and other situations may warrant another wheels lift towing method and equipment altogether. In any case, the technicians on site will first make sure the towed vehicle is tightly harnessed and secured. Then, they will proceed to safely towing it to the selected destination.

Light duty towing – advantages and disadvantages

Contacting experts to handle light duty towing has several advantages. However, this course of action also has its disadvantages, although they are very few in number.


Peace of mind: you know a trained and experienced professional is taking care of your car
Safety: when executed by experts, towing usually does not subject the towed vehicle to any additional damage
No need to carry any designated equipment around with you
Getting to kick back and relax while someone else does everything

Having to wait for a tow truck
Having to pay for the service
In summation: whenever you need your private car towed, or any other light duty towing services for that matter, it is usually much more advisable to contact a professional service provider to quickly and safely take care of your car.