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Local Towing vs National Towing in San Diego

The worst time to have to make a decision on who to go to for help is when you’re in that moment, needing the help. So before that moment comes, take a few minutes to stop and think about the kind of company you want coming to your rescue when your car needs to be towed somewhere. Don’t focus on the reason behind why you’d need that tow but rather on the qualities and characteristics of the towing company that you want helping you. Is it a local or a national towing company? How do you choose between them? We’ll explain that by comparing it to the food industry.

A Local vs National Analogy – Restaurant Chains

Have you ever been to that local hole-in-the-wall restaurant that still handwrites their receipts, that cooks all the food in house and that makes better food than any other place? Every community has at least one of those, and it simply can’t be beat. Now think about the company that was once like that, but then it was “discovered” and has been turned into a chain of restaurant franchises. Did the quality of food and service stay the same at every location, or has everything gone a little downhill? That’s the kind of thing that usually happens when smaller businesses turn into large corporations – the quality of service, quality of product, and quality of business all goes down. As a California native, I can personally vouch for this in regards to the popular fast food restaurant In-N-Out Burger. In-N-Out will always be delicious, but I can tell you that whenever my order has been messed up or burned or had any sort of problem, it’s always been at one of the franchises outside California. Staying local is always better with In-N-Out.

National chains can be good, as they’ve clearly grown to become nationally used and valued. But when it comes to quality of service, knowing the area, and being there for you locally, it’s almost always better to stay with your trusted professional local towing company. Here in San Diego, that company is DocTow. Our company is born and raised here in San Diego and will always be a San Diego local business. With us, you’ll get the best in quality service with the best in customer care, and nothing national could ever beat that.