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Motorcycle Towing

There are those who think that towing motorcycles is less challenging than towing cars and other types of vehicles, their reasoning is that motorcycles weigh less and can be maneuvered quite easily even by a single person pushing them while their engines are turned off. At Doc Tow San Diego we know very well that this is hardly the case. In fact, motorcycle towing is an art in its own right and performing it well requires adequate knowhow, experience and all the necessary gear.

Unique Challenges of Motorcycle Towing

It is true that motorcycles weigh much less than cars, even the most cumbersome motorcycles still tip the scales at less than half the weight of the most compact car. But tow trucks come equipped with devices such asĀ  electric / hydraulic winches, hydraulic lifting arms, hydraulic ramps etc. Such devices render the issue of the towed vehicle’s weigh inconsequential.

Vehicles with four wheels (and up) lay squarely and securely on level ground, they are very hard to tip over. Motorcycles on the other hand must be kept poised vertically during all parts of the towing operation, even the slightest angle makes it hard to keep them from loosing balance and end up lying on their side.
Another challenge of motorcycle towing is securing a motorcycle well enough on the back of the tow truck. With other vehicles it is enough to ensure they cannot mover backwards , forwards or sideways, with motorcycles it is also necessary to make sure they remain upright throughout the tow.
While most vehicles can be towed by a flatbed tow truck as well as a dolly type to truck, motorcycles can only be towed flatbed.

At Doc Tow we know motorcycle towing inside and out. All our techs possess the necessary expertise and come fully equipped to perform a perfect motorcycle tow, each and every time.

Professionalism, Efficiency and Reliability

As with all other towing and road side services we offer, Doc Tow’s motorcycle towing service is first class in all respects. When you call on us to tow your motorcycle you can rest assured the tow will be completed ASAP and without mishap. Thanks to our efficient operation and honest billing policy you will also end up paying a highly competitive rate.

If you need a motorcycle towing service in or around San Diego, we at Doc Tow will be happy to supply you with it. We are always available, and guarantee a 30 min ETA, highly professional service and rock bottom rates.