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There are some things in life we just take for granted. When we pick up the phone we expect to hear a dialing tone. When we turn on the light switch, we expect the light to turn on. When we get into our car, we expect the engine to immediately turn over and for our car to take us wherever we need to go. But sometimes, that’s not what happens. Sometimes, life throws a curve ball at us. Let DocTow be your catcher’s mitt.

DocTow has been taking care of San Diego’s residents for quite a while now. We thrive on getting San Diego’s drivers out of the thicket as we see ourselves as part and parcel of the San Diego’s community.

DocTow – Beyond roadside assistance

Our superior staff is comprised of licensed, comprehensively trained, and well versed technicians with extremely high levels of service awareness. And high levels of service awareness and professionalism are exactly what you need when your car suddenly stops running or when you can’t get into it in the first place. It’s bad enough when your car gets in trouble just outside your home, bright and early in the morning, but imagine your distress should your battery die on some god forsaken stretch of country road with nothing to light your night besides the stars above? That’s not pleasant, to say the least.

DocTow – Advantages that work for you

We at DocTow sincerely believe that it’s not merely our job, but rather our mission, to make the days of San Diego’s drivers even slightly better. In order to do so, we operate a 24/7 dispatch center which you can contact regarding any roadside emergency needs any day any time. Furthermore, upon contacting our dispatch center, one of our fully equipped, highly trained teams, will immediately set course to meet you, no matter where you are. We guarantee 30 minutes arrival so your inconvenience will not be prolonged.

Since we see ourselves as part of the San Diego community, we insist on maintaining a fair pricing policy. This pretty much wraps it all up – round-the-clock availability, swift response, exceptionally capable crews, and excellent service, all offered for more than fair prices.

When in need – call DocTow

Other roadside emergency services provided by DocTow:

And so much more!

So, whenever you find yourself in a jam, whenever your car acts up, whenever your battery dies, whenever you need a car battery jump start, whenever you get locked out of your car in San Diego and its vicinity – that’s the time to call DocTow, sit back, relax, and let the pros do what they’re good at.